Allergy Testing

Allergies don’t go away, but with proper treatment, you can alleviate the symptoms.

Get control of your allergies

Allergies come in a variety of forms, and they range in severity from mild to life-threatening. Treatment can be complicated, and not all allergy symptoms can be alleviated by taking an over-the-counter remedy. 


Skin and blood test provides an accurate indication of a patient’s allergic reaction to common substances. You need to be tested and diagnosed to receive effective long-term treatment.


We will also diagnose allergy-related symptoms, such as sinusitis, nasal polyps, and asthma.


After your allergy testing, we’ll determine the best available treatments for your unique combination of allergies. Treatment regimens include:

  • Avoidance of allergens

  • Medication

  • Allergy shots


With proper treatment, you can alleviate the symptoms. Schedule an appointment and get control of your allergies.

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